Guitar Lessons in Waterdown
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Guitar Lessons in Waterdown

Year-Round Enrollment // Private Lessons for Ages 5+


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About Our Guitar Lessons

Since we have students of all ages and backgrounds, we customize our lessons to suit each student. The main reason to choose Waterdown Music Academy for music lessons is that we treat every student as an individual. Whether you want to play rock, country, pop, classical, blues or any other style, we'll develop a lesson plan that fits your personality and learning style.

Beginners will learn fundamentals such as reading notation and tablature and basic guitar technique. As students advance, they’ll enjoy an expanded range of music to choose from. Our teachers can teach a variety of styles and will help you become the musician you want to be!

What's Included With Your Lessons?

  • One-on-one instruction from a professional, qualified teacher
  • Lesson plans designed for each student's learning style and musical preferences
  • Musical Ladder System rewards students with trophies, wristbands and certificates
  • Two free, optional recitals each year
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Lessons Are Available:

  Monday-Thursday: 9am-9pm

  Friday-Saturday: 9am-5pm

  Sunday: closed

What We Teach

Piano • Guitar • Voice • Drums • Bass • Ukulele • Flute • Music Theory • Recorder • Songwriting • Exam Prep • Audition Prep • College/University Entrance Prep

About Us

Established in 2001, Waterdown Music Academy is Waterdown's longest-running music school. Winner of multiple Flamborough Review Reader's Choice Awards, our school has grown based on its great reputation and word-of-mouth in the community.

Prior to June 2019, Waterdown Music Academy was known as Keynote Music Studio.

Contact Us

279 Dundas Street East
Waterdown, ON
(at the corner of Dundas & Hamilton St., in the Subway Restaurant plaza)

Phone: 905-690-8010
Email: EmailObscureAlt

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